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IT Support & Maintenance, Wireless Office Networking, Phone Systems, Data Recovery and More | Green Bay, WI

Tired of paying an arm and a leg to your IT support services in Green Bay, WI? You know, the guy who shows up, breaks your bank account, never resolves anything? The one who keeps you tied up with meetings to discuss their lack of action? Love it right? Enough of that nonsense, unless you are into time wasting – As a trusted local IT consultant, TechRx resolves technology issues, fixes computer problems, and can even even fire your existing I.T people for you.

Technology in Green Bay Stinks!

Jason Davies, of TechRx Inc. holds certifications and relationships with big names like VMWare, Cisco, Microsoft, Wilson, Meraki, Fortinet, Lifesize, so, while you might think we are a small company, we have what the top heavy Green Bay, WI computer and technology folks do without the top heavy overhead. TechRx Inc. provides cloud based networking, SIP and VoIP phone systems, so even if Green Bay Technology isn’t your thing, it won’t stop us from servicing your business needs.

TechRx Inc. doesn’t believe in the “same old” – that’s just an excuse to keep billing you and tell innovation to take a hike. Instead, we prove how we can help your business profit and save money by providing technology consulting, business phone systems, acoustical solutions, business process improvement for local government, business, enterprise, and anyone who simply wants to improve their existing information technology operating budget.

I.T Transparency
Many big and archaic computer repair companies love to sell you time and make a fortune on renewing that time. Once they have you, then you feel the obligation to buy hardware from them at a huge price. It’s often a love, hate relationship that ends up in conflict. Often, these vendors want to have meetings with you; kind of a crappy thing don’t you think? Waste your time, because, they want to sell you something to increase their profits and not yours?

At TechRx Inc. you will learn how to reduce cost by utilizing efficient technologies.

Super easy to use phones with business features
Fortinet Business IP Phone systems
IP video
Technology and Business Consulting
E-Rate Advice
TechRx Inc. is a VMWare Partner
Lifesize Conference Solutions
Projection screens, touch displays, conference call solutions
Video Walls
Making your network stable, no more coming back from lunch crashes
Protecting important data and keeping it where you can find it
Improving the quietness and echo removal in conference rooms
Helping you get a view of your office, parking lot, and secure areas through the camera lens
Giving useful advice
Linking multiple business sites together with secure connections
Video conferencing across the building and across the world
Fixing Printers and keeping them full of toner
Servicing computers
Getting the cobwebs out – Literally!
public sector, local government, and municipal I.T assessments
Leading I.T. projects to successful resolutions
Keep lawyers on their feet
Technology planning and measured progress that others won’t touch
TechRx Inc. 920-884-1195 for the best IT anywhere. Since we utilize cloud based technology, we can configure your network in our office; ship it to you, and maintain from anywhere in the world!

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