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The result was that my project was completed on time, on budget, and I justified that double-digit raise! An amazing feat of brilliance and genius combined to ensure a successful outcome. The best part of all is that I was able to keep my hands off the entire project because my consultant did his job as promised. TechRx, Inc. provides clients with this level of confidence.

My name is Jason Davies, and I am the president of TechRx, Inc. I am passionate about technology, and ensuring people understand IT. My goal is to have a keen sense of business, maintain out-of-the box thinking, and have a personality that still has time to laugh. Technology planning should be fun, creative, and yield results. While acronyms might be logical sense among professional engineers, I believe business owners need to understand a project quickly and without technical training. Many technology firms offer a sales-person; I offer professional expertise that will listen first and will validate all client concerns.

Bored rooms got their name when a consultant was hired to think of a name that prevented creative thinking. Another consultant was hired because the initial consultants’ spelling was incorrect. The entire situation exploded when a third consultant was contracted to decorate the empty room. I hope I brought to life how a situation can escalate when even a simple idea is brought to fruition without proper planning. Are you bored yet? Now you can realize my point: Business Consulting.

Choose TechRx, Inc, an individual technology consulting firm because results are important. Many technology companies say they are the best, and everyone will believe it. Certain organizations may promise an amazingly low price, and that is all it takes. A high-end consulting group may offer a lengthy proposal written on expensive paper that looks good. Perhaps, you pulled a name out of a phonebook. I am sure this list could extend indefinitely.

The aforementioned answers may be the simple answer. Perhaps a large board of directors feels confident when a young sales person promises the world and delivers average results. Actually, I believe fear is the main reasons why organizations select their consultant. Whoever has the best scary story wins the battle. Perceived bias works on occasion too. Ever notice how, “This project was so messed up, until we arrived” is closely related to the sales presentation?

Select TechRx, Inc. because your organization cannot afford duct-taped results. Do not let a proposal dictate your project outcome. Involve yourself, invest in your organization, and work with your consultant to achieve measurable results.

Relationship requires two things: someone who initiates and someone who responds. I think coffee or tea at a café is a great way to cultivate the discussion. If your organization desires an unconventional approach that is complemented by expert advice, please contact me to setup a meeting. Many technology companies operate from 8-5 and finish projects when it is convenient. I operate when you need me and work nonstop until the project is completed. Simply ask my list of references including: health practice, manufacturing, engineering, local government, just to name a few.

If your organization desires my assistance, I welcome meeting you. I promise that you will be amazed by the culture TechRx, Inc. has to offer. 920.884.1195. Not Convinced Yet? Risk free gurantee included. If I cannot help your company out, you don’t pay. However, statistics prove that your business may soar once I give you ideas to help you get started.


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