School District Quality Assurance Consultant

Are you like hundreds of other school district superintendents in the nation? Do you wake up daily and wonder, “wow, I am over burdened with running an organization that seems to have a mind of its own?” Not enough hours in the day, week, or year to accomplish goals that seemed important when the job began? You my friend are not alone.

TechRx Inc. provides resources to individual schools, and school districts seeking to increase their productivity, all while navigating through a complex channel of oversight, demands, teacher conflict, and frustration.  Our technique is what we were taught in school, and that is to: keep it simple.

Our proprietary process of observational analysis enables us to very quickly determine people patterns.  Many school districts operate from “top down” when in reality, they need to be collective from the middle out. Executives need someone to interface with to accomplish strategic plans and goals but teachers also need a place to address concerns, and administrative concerns.

TechRx Inc. helps find those deficiencies and provide resolution resulting in substantial budget savings. In fact, we are so confidant of that, we do not charge for our first school assessment.  Upon tangible savings, we then enter into contracted discussion to provide overall district value. No risk, no frustration, and tangible results.

Have you hired every consultant under the sun, only to payout huge amounts of professional fees, to simply dump their idea and try something else a year later? Face it, you did and it was an expensive move that only frustrated the working teacher staff.  TechRx Inc. provides a way to include teachers, demonstrate value to the staff, and treat them with respect and dignity.

  • Reduce teacher and staff complaints
  • Improved principal accountability and productivity
  • Decrease parental complaints about staff! – Less meetings!
  • Learn if you have the wrong teacher in the wrong environment
  • Provide measured results

TechRx Inc. offers breakthrough where others fail. We are happy to meet with district leaders and help ensure continuity.

For a no obligation consultation, please contact Jason Davies directly at 920-884-1195  We will provide a no obligation consultation over the phone and email. For school districts further than 2 hours from Green Bay, TechRx Inc. will request mileage reimbursement.


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