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The next wave of technology has arrived, ready to jump out of the plane and land in the clouds?  TechRx offers cloud based computer management. Light, fluffy, puffy and white is how the future of computing looks within any business that decides to take the leap.  Imagine never having to yell at a computer technician again because the network installed at a given location is so proacive it will let people know before anything goes crazy! Now, consider how amazing it would be to have information on demogrphics, user habits, websites and traffic all presented within a colorful graph? Feelnig utopia just yet, I know I am speaking about this great technology that TechRx offers.

Wouldn’t it feel absolutely amazing to know exactly what employees are doing on the network and be able to dynamically adjust what the network resources are used for? Not to say that we do not love streaming music, YouTube videos, or lots of Facebook, but with TechRx, and cloud based solutions by Meraki, this can happen today! Why wait for the old information technology company to sell another piece of antique technology? TechRx can have the network running with today’s technology tomorrow.

In fact before a decision is made, try out this amazing solution at the office for free. I know it will put an end to those storm clouds and frustration. Decrease downtime with awesome features such as cellular backup, or add a second internet connection to make sure the internet doesn’t leave while in the middle of working. Now, here is the thing about great networking solutions: It is improtant to have a partner that can make the experience amazing and TechRx is that partner. So, don’t bother calling me unless you are ready to dive out of the plane and into the clouds. I am ready help I.T to the next level and trust me, I can turn an ordinary network into something you will want to brag to everyone about. Think about what family, friends, jealous business competitors will think when you announce you partnered with TechRx. If that isn’t cool enough, watch their face drop wide open when you say that the network in the office is powered by Meraki. Now, that is something amazing, since you are ready to take the dive, let’s go for it. 920.884.1195 or contact me to setup a consultation.


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