Corporate Network Solutions: Networking Business Success Story

Corporate network solutions provided by TechRx can help any organization step into modern technology and with amazing results. Does the idea of never having to wait for a slow network, or reboot computers constantly sound like an amazing utopian thought? Sounds simply crazy, but TechRx clients never wait for their network access. TechRx can do the same for your business too. I wanted to share with you what I did for a small clinic in Wisconsin recently to help them make their technology useful, so they could sleep at night.

Equipment at the clinic as not sized properly and was increasing in age and becoming a security risk. Never a good thing, especially since networks are targets for attacks. The VPN connection was handled by a Cisco ASA with only stateful inspection enabled. The IOS revision of the software in the device was several years old and therefore, suffered from security flaws. The device also failed to act appropriately and would frequently drop VPN connectivity to the remote clinic on a daily basis.

TechRx implemented a cloud managed security appliance that operates as a layer 7 or application firewall. This device monitors all traffic in and out of the clinic network and produces logs to alert any security problems. This also protects patient information and credit card information from passing through the network. The equipment also monitors for intrusions and viruses at the perimeter of the network. This acts as a double layer of protection against rogue machines The equipment has repeatedly blocked network attacks. The device is also an enterprise level piece of equipment that has the processing power to handle the Virtual Private Network and contains caching mechanisms to stabilize and increase network performance over slow network links.

One location was in a small town and frequently suffered from power outages. The location did not have an Uninterruptable Power Supply (“UPS”) of any kind to prevent damage to equipment during power loss. The clinic at location one did have a UPS that was acceptable for a brief outage and provide enough supplementary power to shut down the servers. UPS equipment is important due to frequent voltage drops in the area. These drops would turn off networking equipment and cause attached computers to freeze up. It also contributed to VPN connectivity problems. A properly sized UPS unit was added to provide supplementary power to the remote site and handle power outages up to 10 minutes.

These very simple steps helped my client resolve their network issues and enjoy a corporate network solution that simply works. I think everyone can agree, that is a good thing.


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