Conference room acoutics

Does your conference room sound like a echo chamber? Tired of saying something once, but hearing it twice? Yeah, that’s typically how it goes, wish something could be done but don’t have a clue where to go? Good, you found me. Jason Davies again, and I deal with acoustics, conference rooms, and quieting the never-ending-echo chambers that exist in office space all over Wisconsin!

Hard surfaces are the enemy, so things like white-boards, windows, cabinet doors, and mirrors can make sound bounce all over the place. Remember the last conference room call you made on the phone? Tired of having people ask, “am I on speaker phone” I can put a stop to all of that and more:

Conference Calls
Video Conferencing
Making offices quieter
Stopping that voice in accounts receivable from being heard in accounts payable
Really loud coworkers
angry typing
After collecting a deposit towards your future project, I’ll come out and see your space and then we take a look at what reflective surfaces you have. I then take sample measurements of the room noise, and the room dimensions. From there, we talk about a project budget, and what we want to accomplish. Then we get down to the details:

best fabrics for the decor
happy vs sad colors
shapes vs sizes
level of quiet we like
Here is an example of the sound panel, a 2″ thick piece of sound absorbing, eco friendly material wrapped in a fabric that meets your expectations


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