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Cameras that totally catch people stealing and vandalizing

Vandalism costs money

Can you think of anything as exciting as putting a firecracker into a port-o-potty? For one of our clients, a vandal did just that. Think about that grossness moment and let it sink in. Just visualize the surprise on the face of that employee tasked with cleaning up the aftermath. Stinky job or not, once is more than enough to the reality you need to protect and prevent that type of destruction in the future. That little mishap cost the business around fourteen hundred dollars in damages.

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Effective camera solutions

Did you know that having an effective camera solution can help you get the necessary footage of vandalism or a crime in progress? Handing over a blurry faced image to a police officer likely won’t help much. Think about it, your business associated with the local police department facebook page. The will probably read: “Have you seen this guy?” – The ensuing comments from social media will be, “oh, he must be in the witness protection program.” The next post likely will be followed by the guy who says, “lol.” Meanwhile, you will be responsible for dealing with the aftermath.

TechRx and Panasonic solutions

TechRx works with a leading provider of camera solutions, Panasonic.  Technologies such as super dynamic contrast allow the camera to capture incredible detail in low light.  Are you looking for great low light results, this is the camera feature that you want.


Video Insight Software

Video Insight is Panasonics software for the retrieval and recording of video footage. For example, you have just been stolen from, and the police are waiting while you call up your IT guy and find out that the camera never recorded anything. Better yet, you have him there already but find out the hard drive crashed, and your video is destroyed. Video Insight Servers are pre-configured systems that keep your video easy to find, and quick to retrieve. In fact, it even has protection against cutting out portions of the video.

School and Student safety cameras

The job of a district administrator never ends. Cameras and security in schools have the potential to be a disaster amidst staff. The fights, the control issues, and changing of settings. TechRx knows this is a real problem, and that is why Video Insight works. We can set controls, so that building principals stop locking people out of the system. Audit logs will help to ensure that sensitive video is not disclosed by public relations staff by accident. Yes, we seriously can stop these issues from happening.

IT Camera Consulting and Design

Had enough of the not so good and finally ready make a move over to TechRx?  We will install, setup, and configure for you a video security solution that operates and is simple to use.  No complexity to make you cringe. TechRx is the camera and IT partner for everything you need.   TechRx will transition you from your old provider so that you won’t’ have to have an awkward break up either.  Walk away and call TechRx consulting today.  Everyone always asks what will it cost for me to walk through your business, church, or school and determine the quality of cameras and storage you need. Consults typically start out around $300/hr., for out of state you pay the flight.  Once you join the family and choose TechRx, we will credit that back a portion of that consulting fee towards your purchase.  We also help the community. 

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