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Business Phone System

A phone system that not only makes clear calls, but looks darn styling.

A phone system that not only makes clear calls, but looks darn styling.

You need a phone system in your business, school, or office. But you don’t want to deal with all the complicated programming involved with a PBX, wiring, or an unfriendly technician who’s service just stinks. Even if they do wear deodorant.
You were thinking more along the lines of plug it in and go.

The issue: A beautiful phone can’t possibly do everything you want it to.

Or will it?

Enter Meraki MC74 IP phone.

Phones designed by Cisco Meraki engineers who really know their stuff, they work phenomenally, save you money and let you work from home in your pajamas, no matter how weird that is. Or, maybe that is perfectly normal. They’re designed for simplicity, cost savings, and your business.

  • Clear calling with unlimited local and long distance. A phone system is one thing, but reducing your monthly call costs is priceless.
  • Exceptionally sexy looking. You’ve always wanted to get a hot looking piece of glass on your desk, you can finally do it. 7″ of smooth IPS touch screen glass.
  • Hear a pin drop. or the person in the cubicle next to you talking about their next scandal. The reason is long and technical, but it has to deal with an amazing top of the market voice provider. If your phone system comes with a box, forget about it. Wideband audio, no more sounding like you are drowning.
  • Almost instant deployment – We can ship a phone directly to your door, all you have to do is plug it in like a breath of fresh air.
  • Centralized cloud management – No matter what state you are in, TechRx Inc. can adjust settings for you instantly without a wait. See, that phone guy now is going to have to find a new job.
  • Visual Voice Mail – Look no further, actually, do just the opposite. Look at that screen, touch, play, and fast forward through the long and boring messages.

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