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About TechRX

TechRx is a multi-faceted technology solutions consultant that provides guidance, solutions that will save you money, and the right knowledge to mitigate risk. We guide you through every step of the way — from what to buy to positioning technology in a room to compliance issues. Since we may know what you may not even think to know, we can guide you away from what can hurt you.

TechRx helps you decide what technology you actually need, which can boil down to design, ADA compliance, etc. Our goal is to ensure a job is completed to the best possible outcome with efficiency and convenience. Our approach is exceptionally detail-oriented.



Green Bay






Wisconsin Rapids

Stevens Point






Independent medical offices

Offices that have computers in them

Fabricating and mechanical engineering firms

Architectural firms

Government municipalities

Phone systems for small and large companies

Hotel systems

Accounting firms

Police Departments

Fire Departments

Law Enforcement

Optical Manufacturing


Business Phone Systems

Video Conference Systems

Security Cameras


Technology Support


Audio/Visual Installation

Acoustical Sound Absorbers

Access Control Systems

IOT/Smart Home Devices

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I’m Jason Davies, president of TechRx Inc. My technology consulting company is headquartered right here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. At TechRx Inc., “We Actually Fix Stuff.” It sounds too simple, but my existence is based upon reality. As a business owner of 14 years, I’ve been there, done that, and solved a lot of issues. Technology today has been elevated to a level of confusion; people would rather study tax code than try to navigate a network.
TechRx Inc. is a new concept on technology. I defined a way of looking at things a bit differently. Technology is indeed an expense, but it doesn’t need to be. Making certain the job is right the first time and with performance optimizing features will lead to true and tangible cost savings. When 300 employees lose access to their email for a day, you can quickly see how costs can skyrocket. The simple answer? Minimize the chance of it happening and learn to spend so that you can mitigate, rather than react.