4 Ways to Improve Your Business with Modern Technology


4 Ways to Improve Your Business with Modern Technology

4 Ways to Improve Your Business with Modern Technology

Businesses and industries are in a constant state of change. Business leaders that want their companies to succeed must stay abreast of the latest trends and changes in their market. The only thing that changes faster than the business world is the world of technology. New technology that can help businesses succeed is being created continually, and companies that adopt the latest tech can get an advantage over their competitors and impress their customers. Here are four ways that business leaders can use modern technology to make their companies more effective.

Business Phone Systems

When most people talk about advances in phone systems, the conversation gravitates toward smartphones, but that ignores the modern advances may to business phone systems. It may be odd to think of your office phone as advanced technology, but it is. With the right phone system, a business can manage a large number of calls and individual lines, as well as offer features like voicemail, automated systems and more. At TechRx, our business phone solutions include Fortinet PBX and Voice-Over-IP systems that can be used for a single location or to link multiple branch offices. You don’t even have to sacrifice your old business phone number to take advantage of these systems since your old number can be ported over.

Video Conference Systems

Technology has made it easier for people to work from various locations and one of the best ways to keep everyone together (even when far apart) is to use a video conference system. Though there are many competing video conferencing platforms, TechRx offers the absolute best in video conference systems with LifeSize solutions. With LifeSize solutions, you get a clear picture and crisp audio that can make virtual meetings as effective as ones where everyone is in the same room. Speaking of room size, LifeSize video conferencing solutions can be scaled for any size area, such as small or large offices and even smaller huddle spaces.

Access Control Systems and Security Cameras

Whether it’s to improve employee safety or to control access to data, business security is another area where modern technology can help business owners. TechRx is experienced with a wide range of access control systems, such as ISONAS, wired, POE and Cloud-based access controls Bluetooth access, FOB and Keypad systems. These tools can help prevent security breaches and data leaks.

Besides the access control systems, TechRx offers security camera services. Security cameras can be used to alert the business of potential threats and can make employees feel safer when at work. You won’t have to worry about keeping an ever-expanding library of videotapes either. Our solutions include security camera installation for Security Network Video Recorders (NVRs) from Panasonic.

Managed Services

The global nature of global business and the internet means that companies need to be concerned about their network 24/7. Monitoring a system can catch potential issues before they get out of hand. TechRx provides sophisticated network remote monitoring for ESXI, VMware, routers, switches, wireless performance and more. Using managed services from also lessen any downtime from a network issue. TechRx technicians can provide network support to your system, no matter where it is, with our remote capabilities.

There are a lot of ways that business owners can use modern technology to improve their business and TechRx can provide consultation, guidance, and solutions that will save you money and mitigate any risks.

TechRx helps you decide what technology your business needs, while considering factors such as cost, design, ADA compliance, etc. Our goal is to ensure a job is completed to the best possible outcome with efficiency and convenience. If you would like to learn more about TechRx, our consulting services and the ways it can help your business, visit our website to learn more.


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